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Customer Service

Customer has the right to free repairing and/or replacements of all defective materials.

Customer Service
  • Tlf.: 921490763
  • Fax.: 921490764



All rejected materials subject to replacement must be processed through our Department of Customer's service indicating all data, invoice number and pertinent report justifying the claim and return.
Rejects and returns will be accepted  when the following circumstances incur only.

  • Report and return of materials within the next seven labour days from date reception.
  • Original packing boxes without any damage in transit or improper handling.

Once the pertinent report and/or claim is resolved by FYSA-ISD, the replaced product will be delivered to the corresponding address, freight prepaid. Refunds - when applied - will be processed within 30 days from receipt of returned material and the non-conformity report is resolved.



In the event of a fabrication defect and need of repairing - part or total order delivered - the non-conformity and claim must be addressed via e-mail to, indicating all data, invoice number and a clean detailed report. The Customer will then receive specific instructions about carriers to use and account number, so that the freight and handling will be covered by Fysa ISD. The repaired materials will be delivered back free of charge.

All shipping cost concerning returns or rejects not meeting the above terms and conditions will be considered at the expense of the Clients.

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