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Who We Are

FYSA International Sportgoods Division is a subsidiary branch of the Industrial Group FYSA (R) - FREEZE CAST EUROPA (R), a Worldwide prestigious company in the field of precision alloyed steels castings.|As a new registered brand in the market, FYSA ISD is developing a glamorous collection of materials and accessories for the practice of Golf.

Who We Are

Under the support of a highly qualified operating structure, we have established an international technical business combine in cooperation with top ranked specialized designers and manufacturers, to introduce an innovative exclusive product line with eye-catching style and excellent practice performance at affordable prices.

Our experienced business-administration centre provides solvency and the most efficient combination of quality, price and service, with a close personalized link with all clients. A nationwide network of Golf Pro stores with complete showcase and demo materials will make any buy an easy, safe and enjoyable experience.|The service coordination is handled through our Website, carefully designed to promote direct sales, information and advice, encouraging a permanent flow of communication and service back-up.

The operating system is most easy and flexible, since the clients may get all generic information from the Website and decide whether to buy directly "on-line" or visit the nearest selling point where they will find an extensive showroom and the personal assistance of the local experts. Same prices no matter what buying method they may select.
We are aiming to introduce Fysa as a brand name representing the highest level in technology, design, glamour and satisfaction at the right price, with the most friendly framework you may find in the market. 

Profesional Statement

Mr. GONZALO RUIZ DE LA TORRE, a top ranked Golf Professor, with wide experience in golf teaching, as well as a brilliant player  reports.



  • Suitable for mid-low handicap players.
  • Driver and hybrids with stiff shaft provide control, distance, with an easy and efficient handling play.
  • Irons with a carefully design midsize face, move the swing weight  towards the upper "mid-firm" shaft.


  • A classic concept in golf equipment, with a complete set of woods, one rescuer, irons, wedges and putter.
  • Oriented to mid-high handicap players.
  • Swing weight towards the club heads.

Both collections offer High quality comfortable grips.

Shafts with a great sensitive feeling of the club heads. Oversize and mid size face make an easy address to targets.

Remarkable features.

  • According to my professional experience, all my pupils using these collections noticed an improvement of their swing action.
  • The impact allows for a high fly hit with less effort and significant relief for beginners.
  • With a very comfortable grip, an easily addressing club face, and excellent controlled shafts improving the feeling of the club face, these sets are considered a very attractive line, and a pleasant sensation for a correct swing action.

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